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7 Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina

Sexual fantasy isn’t bad. But overdoing things when you lack knowledge about them is. Putting unorthodox things in your vagina may spice up sex in your bedroom, but there are things you should avoid. Vagina is a very sensitive organ of your body and before you decide on putting fruits or sex toys in there, know what may harm it. After all, a few moments of thrill should not be traded for a lifetime of problems. Here’s a list of things which you must never put in your bajingo.



This is the most disguised form of harm because we use it to clean our vaginas but it can be extremely detrimental to them. It reduces the vagina’s natural bacteria and is even known to cause bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and pelvic inflammatory disease, among other diseases.


This may be used by some as a form of lubricant but this, and any other petroleum product, may expose your vagina to infections.

Plastic sex toys

Sex toys often come without the list of ingredients that go into making them and they are not regulated by FDA for usage safety. Research has shown that they may contain phthalates, a few of which can be possible human carcinogens. If you want to use them at all, opt for the ones made of harder plastic or silicone.

Chocolate syrup / Whipped cream

Though the idea of your partner eating these off you may sound exciting, studies show that putting sugary products in vagina changes its bacteria and yeast proportions which may cause infections.

Deodorant sprays

A pleasant smelling vagina sounds like a good idea but don’t go for supposed hygiene sprays or even worse, deodorants. They are harsh and may cause irritation and infection in the vagina.

Fruits and vegetables

Well, this may seem a little too hard as it is the most common notorious behaviour we indulge in, putting bananas and cucumbers is indeed harmful. There’s a variety of bacteria and pesticides that we expose our vagina to when we insert these in there.

Cell phone

Vibration in there may excite you but mobile phones should never be used to this purpose. There are harmful radiation and battery in there and these could be big problems.